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Flush Bolt 4 inch Satin Nickel / Gun Black / Satin Brass

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Flush Bolts
Flush bolts are most often used on french doors. They are mounted [flush] on the inside edge of a door or door stile. By simply pushing the button on the flush bolt up, a bolt is inserted into the jamb and secures the door closed in the middle. Flush bolts are often used on the top and bottom of french door applications. This allows one side of the french door to be fixed while the other door closes against it; then the fixed door can be easily opened when needed.

The square corner Flush Bolt Lock is ideal for securing the passive door of double doors.

  • Made of steel.
  • Finishes: Satin Nickel & Gun Black
  • Fasteners included.
  • Easy to install.
  • Works well on residential doors.

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