How to Replace a Doorknob

There are a few situations that require download 007 spy software 3.90 free you to change one or more doorknobs in your home. You may have painted and need to update your door hardware, or you may have broken doorknobs and door handles mobile phone city tracker you want to replace. Whatever your situation may be, here are some common tips for replacing doorknobs to help you know what to expect, and how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. When you remodel or repaint, those old door knobs may not seem to fit with your new style. Maybe those old knobs just seem a bit too rough, worn, or outdated.

Remove the Old Doorknob

Begin by removing the screws holding the doorknob in place. The screws will be located on the interior side of the door.


A common mistake made when replacing a door knob is to put the interior lock on the wrong side of the door. Make sure to preview the end result of your work by holding the knob in place before you attach any bolts. Every time you have to remove a door knob, it can get scratched. Getting it right the first time will keep your door hardware looking pristine.


It can be easy to forget to replace the strike plate, which is the metal plate surrounding the latch hole on the door frame. Unless the strike plates and hinges match your new door knobs, you will probably want to replace them at the same time.


An improperly installed door knob can also mean that the bolt cylinder is crooked or off-center. Weather stripping can also affect how the door closes. Make sure that the bolt moves in and out properly when you turn the knob. Also make sure the door closes and latches properly. Depending on your door, you may need to adjust the backset, the distance between the edge of the door and the center of the doorknob. Most doorknobs can accommodate different backsets.

Screw the new latch in, setting the screws by hand first and then tightening them with a power drill. Set the doorknobs in place, set the screws by hand, and then tighten. Don’t over-tighten the screws or you’ll bind the doorknob.

Test the new handle to make sure it turns and locks properly.